Tsar Alexander II
Tsar Alexander II

Tsar Alexander II, Tsar Nicholas I's son, known as Tsar of Russia's liberation from his father to the throne. In 1861 Tsar Alexander II in Russia will cancel Srfdary. Tsar of Russia, such as Western Europe is hoping to move into the path of modernization. But this is a small group of farmers to Svdsrvtmndan all land to be developed. Most farmers are poorer than those who buy land. The peasants of Western Europe are culturally more backward of the laboring classes.
He was an enlightened man who had Srfha release. Failure of the reforms to the opposition Bvyardha Tsar (Russian nobility) and the administrative system of Russia's objections.

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 Tsar Aleksei
Tsar Aleksei

Mikhail's son Alexei, the tsar's family Rvmanvf. He decided early on Sltntsh be fluent in Ukrainian. Polish uprising against the Ukrainian people took a break in 1648, Alexei way to achieve the goal of near vision. The rebels accepted the religion of the Russians, Ukrainians will have to forgive them. Step inside Siberia and put more people deal with their

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 Age of Unrest
Age of Unrest

Ivan's son, Fyodor I, Boris Gvdvnf (1605 - 1551 AD) as the Tsar of Russia, was his successor. When he died in 1605 AD, Russia was in chaos.
Since 1605 AD to 1613 AD will survive the chaos. Fought for the throne with nobles revolted and agriculture. The main enemies of Russia, Poland and Sweden; anarchy either mandated trophy. Polish troops in 1611 AD Smvlnsk Russia conquered the city. A year after the Polish occupation of Moscow and the Polish prince on the throne tsar Nshandnd. Then in 1613 the Swedes occupied the city of Novgorod.

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Romanovs in Moscow were a powerful aristocratic family. The first Russian Tsar, Ivan the Terrible (84-1530 M) with the Romanovs family to be married. Roman Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible married Anastasia Zakharyn grandfather was a brother of Supreme Romanovs and the boy's grandfather, also named Nikita, who was the first tsar of the Romanovs is Mikhail Fyvdvrvvych Rmanf. After the Polish defeat of Mikhail Fyvdvrvych Rmanf chose to reign. The family 300 years to the end of World War I and the advent of communism in Russia would rule with authority.

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 By Mary E. Martin
By Mary E. Martin      

Archie Brinks gazed up at Norma Dinnick's apartment house. His critical eye appraised the still handsome brick building, shaded by tall maples. A newspaper flitted along the front veranda and the screen door slapped in the breeze. He shook his head at peeling paint on the wooden steps. Snatching up the newspaper before it took flight, he found the keys in his suit pocket. For Archie, the property reflected Norma's slowly rotting mind.

As he struggled to open the front door, he cursed under his breath. Dust rising up in the tiny, sunlit vestibule made him cough. He tried the key in her apartment door. The lock scraped and turned, but the door held fast.

“What in hell?” He stooped awkwardly to peer into the key hole. Damn, it was pitch black.  “Norma!” he called out, his voice bouncing along the dark hallway. “The door won't open.” He held his breath to listen. Nothing.

“Norma! It's me, Archie. I've got your medicine.” The door shuddered as he banged again. At last the echoes subsided and he listened intently in the silence.

A wheezing came from the crack in the door. Once more, he shouted, “It's me, Archie. Open up!” She must have heard him. Good thing she had no tenants. They'd be on the stairs because of the racket. Next came loud snapping and screeching of wire— metal scraped on metal. Smiling, Archie stepped back quickly. She must have barricaded herself with wire and wood against her imaginary tenants, who broke in and stole from her. When they left last year, Norma had simply refused to get new tenants. Archie was dismayed at the prospect of no rental income.

“Who's out there?” Norma's voice quavered from behind the door.

He tried to shout without becoming angry. “It's me, Archie. Hurry up.”

“What do you want with me?” she asked fretfully. Tiny scrabbling and scratching sounds came from behind the door, as if a small animal were trying to escape its cage. Archie waited patiently. At last the door creaked open just a slit. Suspicious eyes peered out.

“Leave the rent cheque in the box.” she demanded.

“For God's sake Norma, you don't have tenants anymore.” He pushed his face close to the door for her to see him. 

When the crack widened slightly, he winced. Her face looked like a wizened peach.

“Oh, Archie! It's you.” She greeted him with the joy of a trusting child. She let the door swing open, then drifted off toward the living room.   

Twisted coat hangers, used to secure the door, lay at his feet. Kicking them to one side, he faced the room. His mouth hung open. The living room, with its bay window of leaded glass, was crowded with still, grey shapes huddled in the corners. Squinting in the dim light, he realized that the couches, chairs and tables were draped with bed sheets.

“What have you been doing?” he asked quietly. She did not hear him. Instead, she hobbled and hitched her way across the room to the sofa at the window. Although her descent to her seat was perilous, she landed safely.

Patting the cushion next to her, she said, “Come sit with me, Archie. Tell me the story again.”


“What story?” he demanded as he sat down next to her. He


 knew what she meant. He must have told the same story a


thousand times in the last five years.

"The one about you and Arthur.” She gazed intently out the window as if expecting her deceased husband, Arthur, to come up the walk. “It's a beautiful story,” she sighed. “But so very sad.”

Archie saw his day washing away in an endless sprawl of disjointed recollection and delusion. He took a stand.

“There's only time to give you the pills from the doctor and do the shopping. No stories today.”

Her face creased with disappointment. Then, she cocked her head and looked up at him. She asked, “When did I see the doctor, Archie?”

“Honestly Norma! I took you the other day. Don't you remember?”

Norma's eyes narrowed in concentration. “I don't like the pills. They make holes in my mind.” She turned intelligent eyes upon him.

“You have to take them Norma.”  He paused to find the right words. He knew how stubborn she could be. “If you don't, you'll get really sick and have to go to a nursing home.”

The light in her eyes faded. She picked at creatures visible only to herself,  running amok on the arm of the sofa. “Tell me the story again, Archie. You know I love to hear it.”

Shaking his head, he pulled out the bottle of pills. “You're due for your medication, Norma.”

She smiled to placate him. “Let's have some tea first.”  She wriggled forward on her cushion. At the edge, she began to rock vigorously back and forth with increasing speed.

“What are you doing?” Archie reached out in alarm. At last, the momentum brought her to her feet. Once steadied, she toddled toward the kitchen.

Archie rose behind her. “I don't have time for tea,” he said, exasperation rising in his voice. “Just give me your list and I'll get your groceries.”

“Then I'll come too,” she smiled. “Let me get my coat.” She reached for the closet door.

He gripped the knob tightly. “I told you not to go out today.” Norma's  face crinkled in shock. Instantly, he regretted his sternness. He tried to soften his tone. “I was only concerned for you, Norma. Do you think it's safe?” Did the damn woman think he had nothing better to do than play her games? She would spend an hour getting ready only to change her mind. Clouds of ridiculous notions swept in and out of her brain, just like unpredictable thunder storms, he thought.

“Why, Archie? It's my birthday. I want to go out.”

He sought an answer. “Who'll watch the place? Last year, on your birthday, you said all your photographs were stolen. That's why I said not to go out. It brings on your...”  He hunted for words to stop, but not anger her. “Your spells of confusion. I'm afraid sometimes you imagine things.”

Norma hesitated. “You're right Archie. How could I forget?” She sank down in a chair and rubbed her hands together. “Perhaps I am a little forgetful.” Archie studied the ceiling. “Do you think they'd break in today?” she asked uncertainly. “Did you see anyone outside?”

Archie shook his head and stared at her in pity. “Norma, you have no tenants. You refused to rent to anyone.” A dose of reality might help, he thought. “You could use the rent money to keep the place up. It's looking pretty run down.”

Norma began to shake her head vigorously.

Archie held up his hand. “Norma, if you keep seeing tenants in a vacant building, people will think you're crazy. Besides, aren't  real, paying tenants much better than imaginary ones who steal?” Archie chuckled at his cleverness.

“I saw them once.” she said with the defiance of a little child. “Right over there.” She pointed at the dining room buffet. “Breaking in and stealing my silver spoons and my mother's Irish lace table cloths.”

“For God's sake, Norma! What would anyone want with a bunch of old table cloths?” He muttered, “It's ridiculous.”

Norma clenched her fists in her lap. “You've seen them, too. You said so. You told me not to go out on my birthday.”

He spoke in disgust. “Norma, I saw the gas man wanting to read the meter. You shouldn't go out because it brings on your spells.”

“Are you trying to drive me mad, Archie?” She peered up at him with suspicious eyes. “Prove to me there aren't any tenants.”

“And just how can I do that?" he asked. He shook his head and said with weary patience.  “Norma, if you insist, I'll take you upstairs and we'll look at the apartment.” Humouring her was the quickest way out of the delusion.

Norma smiled in delight and clutched the heavy knot of keys hanging from a string around her neck. The stairs to the second floor were long, broad and dark. Many of the brass rods holding the worn, green carpeting in place were loose. A real death trap, thought Archie as he watched her teeter to the top landing. She fussed with the jumble of keys, but at last opened the apartment door. Light flooded in through the large bay window in the living room. Norma stood back to let him in. The still apartment was devoid of any furniture, carpets or curtains. No evidence of any presence.

Archie smiled piteously at Norma, who was trembling. “You see, dear. No one's here. No one has been here.”

In her wrath, Norma seemed to grow an inch. “Don't you patronize me, Mr. Brinks,” she cried out. “I've never said they were here in the daytime. Only at night.”

“Then either they take all their furniture each morning or they sleep on the floor at night.”

She looked as if he had just slapped her. Her tiny, furious face glared up at him. Christ! Now he'd have to spend another hour settling her down. He took her arm as gently as he could. “Let's go back downstairs, dear. We'll have the tea and I'll tell you the story again. After all, it is your birthday.”

Her scowl vanished to be replaced by a child-like glow of excitement. “Oh please, Archie. I love that story.” Having secured his promise, Norma consented to be led step by step back down the stairs to her apartment.

Making the tea in the kitchen, he stopped to run his finger over the stove and the counters. Grime everywhere. He rinsed out the cups and set them on a tray. Norma sat on the sofa under the bay window. He handed her the cup and took out one of the pills. “Take one now, Norma,” he said as gently as possible.

“Let me have some tea while you tell me the story. It's such a beautiful story.”

Archie set the bottle of pills on the tray and prepared to tell the story. He had to tell it exactly the same as the last time. If he varied a sentence, she would demand he start again.

“It was very sad,” he began, with what he hoped was the proper note of solemnity. She nodded with satisfaction. “Your husband, Arthur, was a fine man who loved you very much.” He took her hand. “He knew he was about to die.”

Right on cue, Norma asked, “What was wrong, Archie?”

“Bad heart, Norma. He tried to be brave and not worry you. He loved you that much.” Archie had developed this line in answer to the obvious question of why Arthur, who loved Norma so much, failed to mention such important details.

“Yes,” she agreed sadly. “Arthur was always so considerate.”

“One evening at the cottage, he asked me to walk with him along the shoreline.”

Norma nodded in reverie. “I could see you from the porch. I wondered what was being discussed. But I didn't dare ask.”

Archie continued.  “Arthur stopped at the point. We listened to the loons and I realized he was trying to catch his breath. I asked him if anything was wrong. He stared across the bay to the lighthouse and said, “I'm going to die soon, Archie and I want to ask you a favour.”

Tears glinted in Norma's eyes. Archie's voice trembled just enough. “He asked me to swear I'd look after you for as long as you lived.” Norma breathed deeply with satisfaction.

“I didn't think twice. I agreed right away and told him not to worry. I asked if you knew. All he said was, “I love her too much to worry her.”

Archie sat forward and spread his hands on his knees. "Then I was really shocked. Of course, he was leaving everything to you. But then, when you died he wanted me to have the estate. That is, if anything was left." Archie was so intent on his performance, he missed Norma's grimace.

Archie waved dismissively. “Of course, I said  I didn't want anything. But he insisted.” Archie covered his eyes as if he could not continue. “He absolutely insisted that if I looked after you, everything was to go to me. I was his oldest friend and he trusted me. But, as business men, we should have a proper business relationship” Glancing at Norma, he was pleased to see her rocking contentedly on the sofa cushion. He patted her hand. “I've done my very best all these years. If Arthur is looking down, I hope he's satisfied.”

“Oh, I just know he's watching. I can feel his presence everyday.” She paused, lost in a study of her tea cup. “And, I did my part, too. Arthur is very pleased.”

“You made the will, Norma?” Archie smiled warmly at her. Ridiculous old woman, he thought, wandering and weaving in and out of her delusions.

“I just know Arthur is smiling down on us right now,” she said.

Archie decided to push a little further. “Can I have a copy of the will?” he asked softly. He did not wish to break the mood.

She continued to smile at him. “When you take me out to the bank, I'll get it from my box, dear.”

            Archie stood up. “I'll do your shopping now. But take your pill before I go.”

Norma popped the tablet in her mouth and swallowed the cold tea.

“Do you have a list? Or should I just get the usual things?”

“I need more cereal and tea, Archie. I do like the doughnuts, but could you bring some vegetables and chicken this time?”

“Of course. I'll be back in half an hour.” He nodded and left. Hurrying down the steps to the car, he sighed in relief. Jesus! The woman was getting crazier by the minute. Now the tenants went out each day and took all their furniture with them. With the pills, she'd soon be ready for  committal. No new will then. In the meantime, he would always tell her the beautiful story.

Norma watched him from the bay window. Once he was safely gone, she spat out the pill in her serviette. She picked up the little bottle of pills from the tray. With difficulty, she walked to the bathroom and flushed the tablets down the toilet. She straightened up and peered in the mirror. “Did you hear that, Arthur?” Her face twisted in mimicry of Archie. “Proper business relationship, indeed! I know you'd never leave everything to him after me.”

She ran the water in the sink and washed her hands with care. Reaching for a towel, she said, “But Arthur, shouldn't he get something? After all, he does do the shopping

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Zarathustra One of Cyrus the Great Persian Zoroastrian Vmrydan
Iran asked for

After the blessing will stand fire Vayshan
Pray that the Holy

(God the great creator Ahura Mzdaay creator of this land
Raazdrvgh Vdrvghgvyy to land the big Vmrdmm Dvrbdar)

After some prayers from the Shah of Iran died in Fkrfrv
Asked why these

I said what are the answers Danmvdyd
Mynmvdyd pray for drought?

Cyrus said to prevent Khvshksaly
Food stocks Vghlat

Another way you can make to prevent
Aliens attack you pray?

He did not build a strong military force from
Defend our borders?

Sylhay told to stop crying you pray?

We responded by mobilizing the power to prevent Vsdhay
The influx of flood safely.

Question and Answer heard so Vhmyngvnh

Shaha asked to order one of these prayers

Wayne responded that they Vkvrvsh smile!

I did a convincing answer for each question, but if you
One day you're with me

Vdrvghy tells me how it is to lose land
I'm aware of the purpose.

So we come to the right of the people on our

Vdrvgh worth of land

That every action we should take away the ugly

First, it is a lie   

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 Story name: Jimmy is a  watchmaker                             

When Jimmy was a boy he always liked watches and clocks very much.When he was eighteen years old he went into the army and after a year he began to teach himself to mend watches .Alot of his friends brought him broken watches and he mended them for them .

Then his captain heard about this and one day he brought him a watch too and said ,"my watch has stopped .Can you mend it for me please?

Jimmy answerd .'yes sir ,I can ' after a few days ,he brought the watch back to captain.                                    

How much do I owe you?'the officer asked

One pound ,sir'Jimmy answered . Then he took a small box out of his pocket and give it to the captain saying'there are 3 wheels from your watch . I did not find a place for them when I put every thing back.

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Showed about Malaysia :

Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur as the capital of the modern world is considered. Malaysia gained its independence on August 31, 1957.
Many multinational companies such as Citibank, GE, Microsoft, Lyyv Brent, Alliance and many others have added to the beauty of the city in years past. With the same company as one of 10 cities selected Kvalampvr Asia Weekly Magazine Asia in the vote.

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What is the ranking


When the most important methods for ranking, search engine ranking is the mechanism.
Of each search engine uses different algorithms, but they all have to follow certain general principles. Since search engines are trying to attract customers, they work on is to find a more relevant search results.

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The latest rankings of world universities

The latest world rankings of universities based on Vbvmtryk was announced. Accordingly, in the

Middle East, University of Tehran University in Saudi Arabia in the first place and second place is located. The rankings were introduced in the Middle East's top 100 universities.

A classification of world universities, the number of site visits to universities in the world. The magnitude of the site (site pages), PDF file, Word and PowerPoint available, the number of articles published in the past 10 years, the number of references to these articles has viewers of the website and the number of links external Web site, including the criteria in ranking the site.
The Iranian universities in global rankings are based on good condition but not in the Middle East Vbvmtryk this classification frequently seen names in Iranian universities.
According to this classification in the Middle East, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia is located in the first place. The University has classified the world ranking in 1128.
Tehran University in Iran as the best of this classification is in second place. World ranking official at the Tehran University in 1373, is dedicated to her.
University of Tehran University in Lebanon, UAE and Palestine have been. Sharif University of Technology is located in the sixth position.
Middle East and the world is the thirteenth in 2752.
  Iran has no place in the world of thousands of
The rankings of universities in Japan, Taiwan and China are the top Asian countries.
  A classification of world universities, the number of site visits to universities in the world. The magnitude of the site (site pages), PDF file, Word and PowerPoint available, the number of articles published in the past 10 years, the number of references to these articles has viewers of the website and the number of links external Web site, including the criteria in ranking the site.
World Ranking of Universities in the world based on Vbvmtryk, American universities are the top 20 universities. Cambridge University is the world's top twenty-first. 22 and 27 ranks of American universities is allocated again.
University of British Columbia, Canada is ranked thirty-fifth. Out of 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 of the American universities is allocated. England's prestigious Oxford University in this classification are located in fortieth place.
The rankings in the first position at Stanford University, University of Massachusetts in second place, third place University of California at Berkeley, Harvard and Penn State in fourth place were in fifth place.

Top Asian universities in international rankings of universities based on Vbvmtryk University of Tokyo, Japan. The University is ranked 59th.
Universities from the University of Central America and southern Mexico as a Category 69 is located.
The Second Asian universities in the world rankings of universities based on academic Vbvmtryk of Taiwan, which is in Category 96. University of Kyoto University in Japan, which ranked third in the 116 is.
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil as the second university in Central and South American universities in the world rankings is 128.
Asian University Ranking fourth in this world belongs to China. BEIJING University of China in category 120 is in place. Keio University in Japan as the fifth best university in Asia in this category is located at position 139.

Iran University of Tehran University is the best in this category is the category in 1373. Sharif has been in place in 2255. Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Category 2470, Category 2723 at Amir Kabir University, Isfahan University of Technology also have world-class in 2752. In the Middle East, Iran is in second place. Saudi King Fahd University of Tehran University is in second place. University of Tehran University in Lebanon, UAE and Palestine have been. Tehran University of Medical Sciences is located in the sixth position.

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             TOP US UNIVERSITIES:   2007 Rank United States 2007 Rank World 2006 Rank World Institution Name 1 1 1 HARVARD University 2 2 4 YALE University 3 6= 10 PRINCETON University 4= 7= 11 University of CHICAGO 4= 7= 7 CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt... 6 10 4 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M... 7 11 12 COLUMBIA University 8 13 13 DUKE University 9 14 26 University of PENNSYLVANIA 10 15 23 JOHNS HOPKINS University 11 19= 6 STANFORD University 12= 20= 35 CARNEGIE MELLON University 12= 20= 15 CORNELL University 14 22 8 University of California, BERKELEY 15 29 42 NORTHWESTERN University 16 32 54 BROWN University 17 38 29 University of MICHIGAN 18 41 31 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U... 19 47 66 BOSTON University 20 49 43 NEW YORK University (NYU) 21 51 32 University of TEXAS 22= 55= 79 University of WISCONSIN-Madison 22= 55= 84 University of WASHINGTON 24 58 44 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego 25 71 61 DARTMOUTH College 26 73 77 University of ILLINOIS 27 74 56 EMORY University 28= 77= 88 University of PITTSBURGH 28= 77= 127 PURDUE University 30 79 111 University of MARYLAND 31 82 53 VANDERBILT University 32 85 60 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University 33 90 99 PENNSYLVANIA STATE University 34 92 102 RICE University 35 95 48 University of ROCHESTER 36 96 170 University of CALIFORNIA, Davis 37 97 145 GEORGIA Institute of Technology 38 102 102 GEORGETOWN University 39 107 211 University of COLORADO at Boulder 40 110 130 University of VIRGINIA 41 117 141 University of CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara 42 119 101 University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 43 120 219 OHIO STATE University 44 122 150 TEXAS A&M University 45 134 224 University of ARIZONA 46 135 226 University of FLORIDA 47 137 232 INDIANA University Bloomington 48 140 198 University of CALIFORNIA, Irvine 49 142 187 University of MINNESOTA 50 151 123 University of NORTH CAROLINA 51 155 152 University of NOTRE DAME 52= 159= 163 MICHIGAN STATE University 52= 159= 130 TUFTS University 54 161 48 WASHINGTON University in St. Louis 55 175 124 University of MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst 56 177 215 RUTGERS, The State University of New Jer... 57 191 255 RENSSELAER Polytechnic Institute 58 202 211 University of MIAMI 59 203 111 WAKE FOREST University 60 207 246 University of IOWA 61 208 187 BRANDEIS University 62 218 243 %3
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hi my name is alireza

High school is a name I tavakol

We are competing for the victory we seek

We all participated in the competition winner will get

I hope to win ...

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